Cicilia Ballet School

Our Performance ..

CBS Performed at 'Idola Cilik' grand final April 2010

Cicilia Ballet School has an annual performance to showcase our students talents and hard work. In addition, CBS also get invited to perform for Indonesia's independence day as well as performing in national television.

Our past performances include:

    May 1986, TIM, Klenting Kuning, 1st prize at ballet festival
    June 1992, Snow white at Dunia Fantasi, Ancol
    May 2002, The Lines, GKJ by Yanti Jayusman
    Nov 2002, The Arts of the Souls by Yanti Jayusman
    May 2003, GKJ,Hopes in the Dark by Yanti Jayusman
    6 Sept 2004, Graha Bakti Budaya, Kebon, by Gerard Mosterd - Belanda
    Sept 2004, GKJ, Dream by Yanti Jayusman
    23 Oct 2005, GKJ, SunRise ( Modern ballet ), byDislav Zielinski - Canada
    23 Oct 2005, GKJ, Jingga ke Jingga ( kolaborasi Kontemporer Tradisi ), by Vita Valeska
    23 Oct 2005, GKJ, Moments Musicales, Christine Perry - Australia
    2 Dec 2005, Jakarta International School, JIS Fine Arts
    26 Mart 2006,  GKJ, Peska Mutiara Ind,Sevilla, by Christine Perry - Australia
    13 Augustus 2006, GKJ,Sleeping Beauty,  by Christine Perry - Australia
    16 Augustus 2009, GKJ, United on Stage by CBS
                             Grey Angel by Sumianty Haerer - Germany
                             Grands Pas De Quatre by  Bertha  Suarez Blankenship from The Blankenship Ballet, USA
                             Las dos  Ranas ( salsa )by Michael Alexander
     August 2009, GKJ, Temptation, by Yanti Jayusman
     30 Jan 2010, GKJ, Love in Life, by Davit Fitrik
     Mei 2010, GKJ, Tinker Bell

     13 Dec 2010, TIM,Forum Ballet & Modern Dance Ind,  Love in Life  ( Collaboration of modern with a music from Minang ) with Davit Fitrik.

     Mei 2011, GKJ, Toy Shop Wonderland    

     Mei 2012, GKJ, 12 Dancing Princesses


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