Cicilia Ballet School

Our Root ..

When Ms. Ade Setiowibowo was 7 years old; she joined Sumber Cipta Ballet School under supervision of Ms. Farida Oetoyo, the founder. Right after she graduated from high school at the age of 17, she went to England to deepen her ballet skills and career at Rambert Ballet School for 7 years.

After Ms. Ade returned from England, she taught ballet at Sumber Cipta for 2 years before she managed to open her own ballet school under the name of “CICILIA BALLET SCHOOL” in September 1982.

In 1986, Cicilia Ballet School won second prize at the 1st Ballet Festival. Its junior ballerinas also won 1st and 2nd prizes the following year.

Cicilia Ballet School often performs ballet overseas such as in Canada, the United States and Germany to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day. Other activities includes: Students participated in workshops with Ms. Margie Kalhorn from Texas, USA, Gerard Mosterd from
Den Haag, Mrs. Christine Perry from Australia, Dislav from Canada, and Jurgen Otte from Amsterdam. We also join the ballet & contemporary dance with Gerard and Alicia Mercardo from the Philippines and also with Mrs. Katia from Berlin and Mrs. Haerer from German.

Cicilia Ballet School also often invited by Indonesian TV Stations.

Each year Cicilia Ballet students join ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) ballet examination.

ATOD are leaders in the field of dance education, both nationally and internationally, committed to delivering high quality products and support to it's members. There are driven to deliver dynamic, innovative and engaging syllabi, underpinned by
best practice teaching standards and an examination process of the highest integrity. ATOD provides it's members and their students the opportunity to achieve their full artistic potential through a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

"Dancers are the athletes of God."

Albert Einstein


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